Accounting & Bookkeeping Solutions

Payroll Processing, data entry and account/bank reconciliations including
  • Accounts receivable and payable
  • Asset register
  • Cloud accounting solutions (Xero, Quickbooks, MYOB)

These reports (generally quarterly or annually) reflect the financial standing of your business at a specific point in time. They show the overall picture of how your company is performing. Reports are historical and allows you to make business decisions based on these results.

You will be able to dive deeper into the financial standing of your company through management reports which consist of monthly or quarterly profit and loss statements customised to your key drivers.

Instead of an overall evaluation of the company, management reporting is focused on areas of the business allowing you to get into the details and analysis of drivers of your business in real-time.

Shows where your cash is being generated from and where it’s being spent. This is important for analysing liquidity of your business and long-term solvency.

Budgets lay out the plan for what a business wants to achieve, while a forecast states its actual expectations for results. 

The key difference between the two; a budget lays out the plan for what a business wants to achieve, while a forecast states its actual expectations for results, usually in a much more summarized format.

Financial ratios or benchmarks are used to assess business profitability, balance sheet structure and overall business performance. Typically, these measures are expressed as a ratio (number of times) or percentage.

Ratios are primarily used to gauge the profitability, solvency, and efficiency of a business.

Taxation Requirements

Ensuring ATO obligations are lodged in a timely manner. Covering corporate, trust, sole trader and individual tax lodgements.

Appropriate tax structuring and planning is crucial in both business and personal investment decisions. Appropriate tax structuring is not just about ensuring paying the least amount of tax but also to managing tax risks and maximising tax opportunities. An essential part of business. 

Over time your business and personal circumstances will develop and evolving tax legislation will bring new obligations. Your taxation requirements will also change. The right advice at the right time can make all the difference.

Tax accounting is a structure of accounting methods focused on taxes – asset investments, disposals of assets (CGT), what income is assessable and what expenses are deductible.

Are you an employer providing certain benefits to your staff? E.g. work car for private purposes, gym membership. If yes, you are required to lodge an FBT return with the ATO. These have a different tax period from 1 April to 31 March each year.

If you are operating through an ABN and are registered for GST, you are required to report to the ATO your total sales and expenses to work out the net GST payable/refundable. Generally prepared on a monthly/quarterly basis.

State tax assessed on wages paid or payable by an employer to its employees, when the total wage bill of an employer (or group of employers) exceeds $700,000 annually or $58,333 monthly.

Seed money goes a long way. There are many grants given to businesses, from innovation to sustainability. In order to apply for these grants, financial documents and sometimes business plans are required for submission.

Business Advisory & Consultation

Are you trading as a Pty Ltd/Company, and need assistance with lodging ASIC related documents? These would include issue of shares, director appointments/resignations, change of company details etc.

CFO service acts as a finance function for your small business to free you from delivering financial service so that you can focus on leading your business strategy from the front. This involves a combination of services – financial reports, management reports, budgeting and looking forward.

Advice in specific areas, such as accounting, management and financial fields of your business. Whether that be from pricing your product to reviewing your margins, we’ll advise of what suits you best.

Looking to buy an investment property or home to live in and not sure what you need to provide to the banks? We’ll prepare all information required to take with you.

Thinking about selling your business or seeing what it’s worth? Performing a business valuation will give you an indication of what your business is worth in today’s market.