About Us.

It’s really about you. Four Twelve Accountants was created to provide you with a genuine and proactive accounting and taxation need. Dissatisfied with the traditional accounting view, Four Twelve Accountants provides a service of transparency, proactiveness and zero mumbo jumbo.

Our passion stems from creating value and building change, starting within your business finances. We know that accounting and tax can be daunting, overwhelming and simply not that simple. We want to guide you in the right direction and create a road map which suits you. We believe in asking more questions, thinking outside the box and making complex matters simple.

Amela & Ash

Accountants by trade, not by nature. The best compliment you can give us is “you don’t look like an accountant”. That’s because we’re not dated suit wearing paper pushing accountants.

We met seven years ago at an accounting firm and haven’t looked back. We bounce ideas off each other, house sit for each other and struggle through pilates classes together. We’ve got each other’s backs and we’ll have yours.

Professionally, we’re Chartered Accountants with experience in tax and management accounting across a variety of industries – medical, building and construction, hospitality, professional services, retail, not-for-profits, sport and leisure to name a few.

We are driven and have a desire to research all things accounting – a rare breed. We use your data to drive your growth, leveraging technology and cloud-based systems to provide this. We love questions and care about everything that comes with running a business, not just the numbers side of it.

Are you ready to do accounting the easy way?